Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Doctor visit today

Thanks Howard for the summation.

Ade and I met with Dr. Alexander Drilon and Nurse Practioner Claire Moran from 10:30-11:40 today.

Here is a recap of what was discussed.  

Executive summary:  Cancer didn't grow.  Adrian resumes Cabo meds today..

Dr. Drilon reviewed the results of yesterday's catscan.
  • "Your labs look good to me.  The scan doesn't look any different."
  • "The cancer looks stable."
On Cabo resumption:
  • Begin today (Ade took one at 12:15 today)
  • Keep at same dose: 60 mg.  If he experiences any negative side effects, they will reduce to 40 mg.
  • Ade needs to report any new negative symptoms.
  • Begin keeping diary of daily usage.
  • Hand in old diary at next visit (October 29)
On the cause of gall bladder infection:
  • "The pill (Cabo) didn't cause the infection.  We can't say that it's impossible, but the likelihood is very low."
On Adrian's depression:
  • "We need to get your mood under control." (This was the first thing he said upon entering the room.)
  • "The mood more than anything needs to be worked on."
  • We collectively deferred against seeing head doc Dr. Key but they are making an appointment for Ade to see him the beginning of next week.  Ade agreed to the appointment.
  • Next appointment: October 29 AFTER meeting with Dr. Simon (he's the one who hopefully will OK the removal of the drainage tube on the morning of October 29).
  • Ade should use the spirometer (sp?) 2-4 times a day to improve breathing.

Conversation with Nurse Moran (more extensive than discussion with Dr. Drilon):
  • Ade admitted he was "absolutely fatigued"
  • He said he head and back caused him pain yesterday.
  • He said he suffered a bit of vomiting....nothing major....and he controls with meds
  • He reported no mouth sores, numbness or tingling in limbs, or blistering on palms of hands or feet.
  • Weight: 146 pounds
  • Ade reported some shortness of breath
  • White blood count "looks goods"
  • Week of Oct.: 20 Appointment with Dr. Key (they will alert us to exact day and time....if it's Monday or Tuesday, I can take Ade)
  • Morning of Oct. 29: Dr. Simon
  • Afternoon of Oct. 29: Dr. Drilon (they will alert us to exact time)

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