Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The latest test results

I had just emailed the doctor's office with the following:

"Hi Andres,
Please could you check with Dr. Drilon about today's 24hour protein urine test. If my numbers are once again too high I would like to go back to Baltimore. Maybe we could reschedule for next week if there is any point!

The reason was I had seen my results on the web site!

Then Dr. Drilon called me shortly afterwards. Basically we discussed that the 24hour protein check was again too high but the spot check (small sample) was now well within range.

So what does this all mean? Simply put, I am going in tomorrow morning to start the trial. The only downside is that if the 24hour test reaches 2000mg/TV I have to stop taking Cabozantinib.

Normally, once starting the Cabozantinib I would need to return to MSKCC here in New York once a month. But for the first month I will have to have my urine monitored every week. The good thing is that I can do the tests in Baltimore.

Carpe Diem.

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