Friday, December 28, 2012

Post Max signs

A few minutes after Max passed away his nose was twitching. Dr. Taylor explained that it was normal and ok to see this. For me, it was as if he was smelling where he had just arrived. Heaven.

As we were leaving the vet’s office and elderly gentleman came out to the parking lot holding a small puppy. He had seen us pass through the waiting room. He was sobbing and wishing us well as he was aware that we had just lost Max. He had recently lost his dog of 17 years. What a simply wonderful person.

When I got back to my apartment at lunch time there was a moving van parked in the loading bay. The name on the side of the van was Wheaton. So close to Wheaten (Terrier).

After Robyn and I dropped off (donated) Max’s food and belongings to the Maryland SPCA we overheard a couple talking about their animal adoption. The dogs name that they were adopting was Calamity Jane. Max’s mother’s name was Calamity Jane.

This morning the sunrise was beautiful. So long boy.