Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hamba Gashle (go in peace) my little friend

On my many and recent visits to Bulawayo I always made time to play with Ethan. I would bring little things for him and his family from America and he was always so excited.

We have tragically lost our little friend.

I will forever miss you trying to push the buttons on my cell phone and computer. I will miss our times looking at my pictures on the computer of you and the others. I will miss you shouting at Diesel and Hugo in the yard. I will miss teasing you to help Bongani with the gardening chores. I will miss that mischievous smile and your constant curiosity in what I was always doing. There will be a big hole in my heart when I visit Bulawayo again. Words cannot express the joy you brought to all the people who new you and were a part of your short life. I greave with all your family and friends, of which you had many. We will meet again my little friend, just not yet, not yet !

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