Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Biopsy results

I just had a really nice chat with the Doctor at Champions Oncology. The company that did the exome sequencing

Basically, she was pleased with what the results yielded. She explained a few things.

1. The fact the mice transplant tumors did not “take" was a “good” thing and not to be concerned about that. The reason being was that the tumor was not aggressive or fast growing.

2. In the report there is a diagram labelled Genetic Alterations with Established Clinical Significance.  One of the genes called RET showed "Rearrangement". That is the key. That is the mutation that is causing the naughty stuff. She was very pleased that it showed up.

3. The drug used to treat this mutation is called Cabozantinib or Cometriq. It’s an oral medication. It’s supposed to be very effective. 

She advised that no changes should be made to my current protocol of Alimta and Avastin until such time as these drugs start failing me!

Carpe Diem………….

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