Friday, April 25, 2014

Chemo 2 (Round 9)

Let me clear up any confusion with regards yesterdays biopsy non event. Divine intervention? Who knows. We are rescheduled for three weeks from now.

Two things may happen. Firstly, the CT scan before the procedure could show growth of the liver tumor in which case it will be much easier to obtain the samples needed for targeted exome sequencing and other genetic tests. This is good. Or, is it bad that the tumor has grown! Secondly, the scan could be done and show that the tumor is stable or has shrunk. Is it likely? Who knows. So which option is better? I don't know. Lets take a vote...

Im finishing up my chemo session for today. All seems ok. Weight is relatively stable, the bloodwork is fine, my vital signs are ok and the meeting with Dr. Schraeder was good.

This coming Monday I have a consult with Dr. Julie Brahmer at Johns Hopkins. She runs a trial for a new drug that may be very beneficial for me. The genetic testing should help with this option.

Carpe Diem.

Where the hell does this plug in?

Aah, never mind. Julie figured it out. She's the best Oncology nurse a person could want.

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