Friday, January 31, 2014

Pain? What pain?

In 2007 I had my right hip resurfaced (similar to replaced) due to osteoarthritis. After some initial "complications" it has since worked as advertised thank you. Now my left hip seems to want to join the party. I have been having left hip pain for sometime now but have vowed (sort of) to not have another operation. I have tried different meds but none have been the proverbial Silver Bullet.

So today after having a consult with the interventional radiologist who did my needle biopsy I asked her if she also did pain management injections guided by CT. She said yes as she had just watched the latest video on YouTube. I'm kidding! Seriously, she was able to get me in for the procedure this morning and now here I sit relatively pain free. Even though I realize that this is something that may have to be repeated every two or three months it's better than having the op. I may one day regret having said this. But for now...

Carpe Diem.

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