Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The dreaded scan day

Here is the routine for scan(s) day.

Get to the facility 7:45am after an expected lousy nights sleep. Paperwork and more paperwork. Then into a private room where they insert an IV line and check my blood sugar. After that I am injected with a radioactive marker and then asked to completely relax for 45 minutes. Not before I have to drink 2 huge glasses of liquid (usually Barium or something similar).

The PET part of my scans takes about 23 minutes of lying still. Then it’s on to the CT with IV contrast. That only takes about 5 minutes but they inject me with some kind of “contrast” fluid during the scan.

So now I’m hopped up on radioactive injection, Barium liquid and IV contrast. What a high……NOT.

Im out of there by 10am with strict instructions to drink a lot. Hmm, wonder if you could take that literally. I’ll have another Gin & Tonic Mr. Bartender.

Then, it’s hurry up and wait. I have my next treatment this Friday (tomorrow). That is when I will more than likely get the results. I could possibly even hear from my doctor today. The point being is the wait is sheer agony. In essence, waiting for the results one always hopes for the best but always lurking in the back of your mind is…….What if ?

Carpe Diem.

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