Friday, February 15, 2013

Cause and effect

Post chemo this is my usual run down. I’ll start with day 1 and go through to day 21.

1. Chemo day is usually fine. 
2. Still feel ok but get flushed. Looks like I have a tan.
3. Still a bit flushed and vision gets a bit blurry. Nothing glasses can't fix.
4. Fatigue sets in and mild nausea starts. Lots of rest and meds to help with the nausea.
5. Same as day 4.
6. Same as day 4 but getting milder.
7. For the most part, generally feeling better.
8. One of the chemo drugs causes some pretty bad constipation. Nothing meds, an ice cream stick and     some TNT can't cure.
9. Ok.
10. Ok but slight fatigue.
11 −21. Generally ok.

So in summation, if I have 5 out of 21 days that are not great at least I have 16 days that are more or less OK. I’m also very relieved and happy that the maintenance therapy that I’m on is doing it’s job. Stable and no spread. The only pain in the arse is scheduling all my travel between chemos :-)

Carpe Diem.

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  1. Familiar with this cycle . I spent five years working around it .

    Bob P