Sunday, October 21, 2012

Zimkids project

For Just Ten Dollars, You Can Give An AFRICAN Orphan Girl a Real Shot at a Future

Across Zimbabwe, girls without any other option are forced into early marriage to men who are abusive, unfaithful and, in too many cases, infected with HIV. We’re trying to change that. We’re trying to give them nothing less, and nothing more, than control over their own destinies.

How? Since “women’s work” doesn’t get you very far in Zimbabwe, last year, we trained two girls in welding and basic building techniques – from laying brick to pouring cement. Now, we’re trying to establish an expanded version of that program, ZimGirls Welding, and grow it into an independent company for future trainees. And we plan to make it a model and template for other microenterprises run by, and tailored to, dozens of young women orphaned by AIDS.

The umbrella program, Zimkids Orphan Trust, is a finalist in a competition sponsored by Nike and the GlobalGiving Foundation to improve the lives of girls across the world. In order to become one of the twelve winning organizations – each of which will get about $30,000 - we need as many individual donations as possible during the month of November. Donations don’t need to be large. Since it’s the NUMBER of donations, not the total amount raised, that will catapult us to the top, even $10 will make an enormous difference.

Our goal is 1000 donations. So can you spread the word and ask your friends and family members to give our girls a helping hand? Every little contribution is worth a LOT to us. Let’s make this cause go viral!

You can donate two ways – and PLEASE, not before November 1 or after November 30.

By credit card: Go to  and follow the instructions.

By Check: Payable to “Global Giving”. Must be received by November 15th to be counted. Make sure to note that donation is to be applied to Zimkids Girl Effect Challenge – Building Girls Futures project. Mail to Global Giving, 1023 15th Street, NW, 12th Floor, Washington, DC 20005.

For more information on Zimkids, go to or facebook/zimkids

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