Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chemo 11 (Round 7)

Another nice and straight forward day at the chemo parlor. Blood and pee look good. Added another Pound to the fat farm and blood pressure was perfect. I met with Dr. Schraeder and we discussed being given a chemo reprieve some time in the near future. I will be coming up on the 10 month mark for Alimta on June 30th. The protocol is a suspension of Alimta for a short while. I am going to be scanned again in mid June and then we will decide (based on the scans) if I can go off all chemo for 6 weeks. Hell, it's better than nothing. Until then, I move around the globe between poisoning sessions.

Speaking of moving around the globe, I'm off to Zimbabwe and South Africa at the end of April for 2 weeks. Anyone want to go ?

Help someone else to help themselves.

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