Thursday, March 24, 2011

From Robyn

So my dad volunteers to drive people to medical appointments (among other things) and he has been raving about one of the Russian translators Nina. Anyone who knows me knows that I love old people (not in a creepy way, we just get along). So today, my dad took me on one of his trips to meet her. She was as wonderful as he said she was. She is almost 84 years old and still totally has everything together. She is an independent, self-sufficient woman, and we talked for a while as we waited at the Social Security Office. She had a lot of wonderful things to say, and amazing experiences to share. But above all, she really cares about people and she understands people. Even at her age, she works, she exercises, she cooks, she cleans and she still finds time to be a caregiver for others less fortunate than herself. she said a few things to me, and I'm paraphrasing: you must always remain positive because there are always people out there that are not as fortunate as you (count your blessings), good things happen to good people, keeping busy stops you from constantly thinking about yourself and your ailments. Wonderful wisdom from a wonderful lady. I'm glad I met her and got to talk with her. She reminds me of my Bobba! A lot of things she said were very applicable to myself and my family. What a wonderful, sweet lady!

Carpe Diem.

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